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Copybird wins back customers with notable Christmas card



After taking four months off in 2015 to care for her terminally-ill mother, Claire Robinson’s freelance creative and copywriting work virtually dried up. Before going stony broke, she needed to ignite new leads. Christmas was approaching so she used the festive season as an opportunity to reach out to creative directors. As well as reminding those who knew her that she was back working as a freelancer, she needed to alert those who didn’t know her to her creative skills.



At Christmas, creative directors get bombarded with sweets, chocolates and wine sent by hopeful and grateful freelancers and suppliers. Rather than bribe her way onto their freelancers’ list, she opted for a low-cost, simple idea that would stand out. Which it did. Check it out yourself.


Christmas card _ front

Christmas card _ back


Over 80% of those who were mailed the ‘dead robin’ Christmas card visited Claire’s campaign landing page to check her out. She received an immediate two-week work proposal on the strength of the card and it has provided several valuable openings since.



The humble Christmas card. It’s a real test of creativity. I am amazed by the amounts of money agencies often spend on chasing new businesses yet ignore the one medium and the one time of the year when they can get noticed. 15 years ago, I launched a training company with a Christmas card. On the outside it said: I hope you don’t have a happy Christmas. Inside it said, I hope you have the most memorable, mind-blowing, ecstatic and incredible Christmas ever. And there was a lottery ticket for the December 24th draw. That one mailing provided us with £34,000 of business.

Over the years, Claire’s one dead robin may achieve a similar return on her minuscule investment. Creativity works. Don’t forget it.


Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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